1. Toyo fully electric injection moulding machines

The Si-6 series are one of the largest ranges of fully electric injection machines from 50 to 1300 tons. Resulting of more than 25 years of experience, the Si-6 series are well introduced in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe.

2. Piovan Material drying, handling, tempering and cooling

Drying, Conveying, Dosing, Storage

3. MB Conveyors

Conveyors, elevators, turning tables, separators

4. Star Automation

Automated systems for every need – robots, sprue pickers, automation, chucking parts…

5. Tria Granulators

Granulators for injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, film and thermoforming.

6. ASS Machinenbau GmbH

Your Reliable Partner for Gripper Components, Robot Hands (EOAT) and Automation Systems

7. Lenzkes Spanntechnik

Clamping tools.


TRIPLE R systems are designed to clean and purify industrial fluids like hydraulic oil, lubrication, engine and turbine oil.